Assessing Build For Oilfield Thread Protectors

Oilfield thread protectors play a particular role in capping and terminating parts of oilfield infrastructure. It's important to assess how these items are fabricated and manufactured for use in the field. Careful analysis will help companies to avoid some of the pitfalls and safety issues associated with using inferior equipment. Building a better supply chain benefits everyone, and that's why looking closely at the build of these products is a best practice. Read More 

Eyewash Station Installation: Why You Should Call An Industrial Plumber

If you are looking to install eyewash stations in your industrial space, you want to try to save money by installing them yourself. However, eyewash stations are considered safety equipment, so it is important that you look to a professional for installation. As a business owner, minimizing costs is important, but employee safety should always be a priority. Here are a few reasons why an industrial plumber should be employed to install your eyewash stations: Read More 

Nine Nifty Ways To Recycle All Those Boxes And Bins After You Move

You can accumulate an awful lot of cardboard boxes after a move, and while keeping a few can be helpful, you may simply not have the space to store them all. Instead of breaking-them down and putting them on the curb, try recycling these versatile moving supplies in a unique and clever way. Nine nifty ways to give your moving boxes and storage bins a second-life are: 1. A toy guitar. Read More 

Preventing Explosions: How Power Plant Construction Contractors Make Things Safe

Building any sort of power plant requires a great deal of safety planning and design. The last thing anybody wants is a second Three Mile Island explosion, circa 1979. Whether it is a nuclear energy plant or a natural gas plant, the power plant construction contractors focus on all of the safety measures while designing and building the plant. International and National Safety Standards There are both national and international safety standards regarding the construction of nuclear power plants. Read More 

What Having A Heated Hose Can Do For You!

If you live in a climate that is cold, then you know how frustrating it is when you want hot water and yet there is frozen water in your hose. Whether you're watering a garden, providing water to an RV or hot tub, or cleaning out stables, having a heated hose will save you time and money. Here is exactly what a heated hose can do for you. Your Hoses Won't Freeze: The main purpose of having a heated hose is so your hoses don't freeze in cold weather. Read More