What Having A Heated Hose Can Do For You!

If you live in a climate that is cold, then you know how frustrating it is when you want hot water and yet there is frozen water in your hose. Whether you're watering a garden, providing water to an RV or hot tub, or cleaning out stables, having a heated hose will save you time and money. Here is exactly what a heated hose can do for you.

  1. Your Hoses Won't Freeze: The main purpose of having a heated hose is so your hoses don't freeze in cold weather. The water inside the hose can still freeze so make sure you empty it when you're done using it, but even if you don't, the hose will still be intact, without cracks or weakening of the hose. Emptying it in between uses will just make it work faster.
  2. You Always Have Drinking Water: If you're using your hose to provide drinking water, you no longer have to worry about saving water for when your pipes freeze. Having a heated hose will allow you to have drinking water all year round.
  3. You Don't Have to Turn Them Off and On: One great thing about having a heated hose is that they are controlled by a thermostat. They know when to come on and when to turn off based on the temperature outside. Just make sure the thermostat part of the hose is always outside so it can accurately read the temperature.
  4. You Don't Have to Put Them Away: Gone are the days of taking out and putting back your hose every time you want to use it. Heated hoses can be left out because they won't be damaged by the freezing temperatures. It can even be left out in the snow.
  5. You Don't Have to Monitor Them: Another great thing about heated hoses is that you don't have to watch them. Set them up and leave them there. Not only will they not freeze, but they are also safe to use because the hose is designed so that the water does not come into contact with electricity.

For those of you that endure freezing temperatures every year, you know the importance of having a hose that won't freeze on you. Invest in a heated hose, such as from Copperstate Hose,  for your garden, your RV, your hot tub, your stables, or whatever your reasons are. You'll be glad you did when the temperature drops and you've got running water without the hassle.