Nine Nifty Ways To Recycle All Those Boxes And Bins After You Move

You can accumulate an awful lot of cardboard boxes after a move, and while keeping a few can be helpful, you may simply not have the space to store them all. Instead of breaking-them down and putting them on the curb, try recycling these versatile moving supplies in a unique and clever way.

Nine nifty ways to give your moving boxes and storage bins a second-life are:

1. A toy guitar. Turn a used cardboard box into some sweet music easily. To make a toy guitar, find a box that is about the size and shape of a medium-sized flat-rate box or a shoe-box; cut a hole on top, glue yard across the hole for strings, and strum away.

2. Drawer dividers. Cut-down your box to fit the width of your dresser drawers. Check the height, and then wrap the cut dividers in duct-tape to add stability and style. The best part is you can move these around as you need more or less space.

3. Shoe storage. Spray-paint and divide cardboard boxes to hold your shoes. These storage cubes are easy to slide-under the bed, too.

4. Pet protection. Break down the boxes into flat pieces of cardboard to place under wee-pads, in front of doggy-doors or in high-traffic areas (under your runners or throw-rugs) to protect your flooring material.

5. Gardening path. Use the broken-down boxes to lay between rows in the garden for easy walking and to prevent weeds from taking over your path. This also will keep your path from flooding during rain.

6. A dollhouse. Enjoy a rainy afternoon crafting a doll house out of a used moving box. Start by painting the entire box, and positioning it vertically, so you can add dividers and create rooms. This is a great project with kids!

7. Lots of signs. Reserve the flattened-out pieces of cardboard and spray them white to use for yard sale signs, event posters, or kids school projects. Don't have anything happening right now? Slide them between your washer and dryer or in a closet to use later.

8. Creature comforts. Layer the flattened boxes on the floor of the doghouse, under the bedding, to insulate and create a warmer resting spot for Fido.

9. A charitable donation. Donate your boxes to a nearby animal shelter; they often use these in the kennels and crates for extra padding and insulation from the cold. Make sure to break these down into flat sheets of cardboard before donating.

Try some of these ways to recycle your cardboard boxes after a move and to give them a second, more-unexpected use. Make sure to visit moving and storage vendors to find quality boxes for all your belongings during a move, as well as to arrange for services, storage, and assistance, as needed.