Introduce A Loyalty Program For Your Campground Customers

A loyalty program will encourage campers to use your laundromat facility each time that they stay at your campground. This type of program can be accessed through the use of any of the laundry equipment that you decide to have set up onsite. 

Programmable Models

Loyalty programs obtain payment information through a laundry machine's card reader. A card reader deducts a payment and keeps track of how many wash cycles or dry cycles a client purchases. Laundry sales can also be tracked through a payment app. A payment app will allow a customer to purchase wash loads and dry loads in advance.

Once payment has been processed, the individual is free to wash and dry their clothing at their leisure. All of the payment details that have been captured through the app can be applied to the loyalty program that is being offered at the campground.

A supplier of commercial equipment may sell washer and dryer models that contain card readers. If commercial laundry equipment that does not contain a card reader is being purchased, a supplier of laundromat accessories can install a card reader on each machine. 

New Equipment For Your Facility

Offering a wide range of washer and dryer styles may entice your campers to wash all of their laundry at your facility. Larger washer and dryer models are best suited for laundering blankets, outerwear, and other heavy fabric garments that your campers may bring along with them when they stay at your RV park.

If you decide to invest in some heavy-duty equipment, as well as some smaller washers and dryers, you will be providing your campers with the opportunity to choose a machine that will be best suited for the type of laundry that will be washed and dried onsite. As a result of your investment, you may trigger more people to get involved in the loyalty program that you are offering.

Incentives For Your Customers

A loyalty program can offer your patrons free wash cycles or free dryer sessions. Decide which type of incentive will work best for your needs. For instance, if the laundry facility tends to bring in a lot of business on the weekend, you may want to reserve the free washes and dry sessions for days when not as much business is expected. This type of schedule will allow you to still bring in the most money on the days when you expect peak sales.

For more information on RV park laundry room equipment, contact a professional near you.