Coin-Operated Washing Machines: Key Features To Get For A Laundromat Business

If you own a laundromat, coin-operated washing machines are an important resource you'll need to invest in. You can be happy with this equipment for years if you get the following features from these machines. 

Secure Coin Box 

A commercial washing machine is different than residential models because of the coin box it comes with. It's what you'll use to collect payment from customers who use your laundromat. You can feel good about how your money is stored until pickup if you get washing machines with coin boxes that have a secure design. 

Not only do they need to feature durable materials like steel, but they need to be set up strategically on washing machines to make them less vulnerable to theft. You probably should test out these boxes in person to make sure they have enough security to hold up, regardless of what's done to them. 

Auto-Load Sensing

Coin-operated washing machines have come a long way and that means you have a lot of incredible features to consider. One of the better options you should look for in particular is auto-load sensing.

What this does is automatically detect the size of loads and subsequently fills up the washing machine with the correct amounts of water. You can thus ensure none of your customers waste water on a regular basis because they won't have to mess with water levels at all. The washing machine will take care of this task each time. 

Easy-to-Service Designs

After having the same coin-operated washing machine in your laundromat for months, it will eventually need to be serviced by you and professionals. You'll struggle less with this maintenance if you focus on washing machines that have easy-to-service designs. A couple of factors come into play with this, such the accessibility of parts.

For instance, if the motor was easy to get to on this washing machine, repairs and maintenance won't be as hard to complete. Coin-operated washing machines made from wear-resistant materials also will be easier to service because they won't be as prone to inconvenient breakdowns. 

If you have a laundromat and need to purchase new coin-operated washing machines for it, take a look at a couple of different models on the market. Then you can compare features and think about what your laundromat needs at this current moment in time. These sort of assessments can lead you down the right paths with this laundromat equipment. 

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