What Types Of Things Can You Make With A Planetary Mixer In Your Bakery?

If you run a bakery without a large planetary mixer, then you are probably really missing out, no matter what types of products you currently make in your bakery or are planning on making as your bakery grows and expands. These are a few different things that you can make in your bakery with the help of a planetary mixer.


Working with pizza dough, bread dough, and other types of doughs can be quite challenging. After all, dough can be hard to knead or mix, but it's important to mix everything properly so that your dough will rise and so that your baked goods will turn out well. You can stop wearing out your arms when kneading your dough by hand by using a planetary mixer instead.


Cake batter and other types of batters can be a lot easier to work with than dough, but this does not mean that a planetary mixer will not be handy when you're making batters of all different kinds. You can make bigger batches at one time, and you can make sure that the eggs, flour, sugar, and other ingredients that are used in your batters are mixed up evenly and properly. This can help you create better and more consistent baked products to sell in your bakery.


You might offer lots of different types of frosting in your bakery, and you can use a planetary mixer to make it easier to mix up frosting of all different types. Suddenly, making buttercream frosting, cream cheese frosting, fruit-flavored frostings, and more should be a breeze, even if you are making enough frosting to top dozens of cupcakes or to handle another big baking project

Whipped Cream

In your bakery, you might add whipped cream to lots of different dishes. You might offer pastries and other desserts that are stuffed with whipped cream, or you might top off your pies and cakes with whipped cream for both decorative purposes and for added flavor and fluffiness. Of course, you can purchase store-bought whipped cream, but if you pride yourself on selling baked goods and other treats that have been made with the best ingredients possible, then you might like the idea of making your own whipped cream. With a planetary mixer, you can whip up the cream, sugar, and flavorings — such as vanilla extract — that you use in your homemade whipped cream recipe. You can make sure that everything is mixed properly, and you can help ensure that your cream whips up like it's supposed to as well.