Why Your Wood Or Metal Shop Should Switch To A CNC Router

When you first get into woodworking or metalwork, you tend to learn how to do everything by hand. But if you are trying to run a full-fledged wood or metal shop complete with other employees and a long list of clients, you may reach a point where using hand tools just isn't going to help you get the job done to the degree that you want to. Today, more and more shops are switching to CNC routers to boost their business. Here's how switching to a CNC router can help you and your company.

Work with a Wide Variety of Different Materials Without Having to Switch Out Tools

Computer numerical control routers can be set up to cut through multiple different types of materials or even vastly different sizes of materials without missing a beat. Because all the necessary information is put into a computer, the router will figure out the correct way to route the incoming materials as they move toward the cutting or other tools. Your shop will be able to execute cuts of different sizes at the same time, all without missing out on work or having to shut anything down.

Boost Your Productivity and Output

Because there is less downtime since you won't have to switch out tools, you'll be able to create a higher yield of final products for your customers. Not to mention the fact that you'll be able to send raw materials down towards the cutting mechanism at a much faster rate than you would if it was all still being done by hand. You can use your new setup to increase the number of clients that you take care of or to offer additional products to your current clients. Either way, an investment in a CNC router will help you boost your business and your bottom line.

Computer Control is Just Safer for Everyone

Because you are no longer cutting or otherwise making significant adjustments to your raw materials by hand, your employees won't have to stand anywhere near the cutter, laser, or other potentially dangerous mechanisms. You'll still want to do quality control after the cuts go through, of course, but you'll be able to remove all of your workers from harm's way while the actual brunt of the work is going on. This means that will leave everyone feeling safer and perhaps reduce the chances of a workplace accident occurring.

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