Large Farm Equipment That Every Farm Needs

Farms are large operations, and their multifold operations require certain large pieces of equipment. While there is specialized equipment that only certain kinds of farms need, there's also basic equipment that every farm — regardless of what it grows — should have. Here are some large pieces of farm equipment that every farm needs.

Tractor for Towing Equipment

Tractors have been a staple on farms for many decades, and they continue to be indispensable. Tractors are primarily used to pull other pieces of equipment. The other equipment might be hitched to the back of the tractor, or the equipment may be put on the front or either side of the tractor. Tractors have large wheels or treads to haul this equipment over unstable ground.

While every farm should have a tractor, there isn't one tractor that's right for every situation. Compact tractors are multi-purpose tractors that can be used in small spaces, while orchard tractors are specially designed for apple, orange, and other orchards. Wheel tractors are good general-use tractors, but some especially difficult terrain may require a track tractor.

Depending on a farm's land and operations, it might use any of these tractors — and some farms might need more than one kind of tractor for different types of work.

Fertilizer Spreader for Fertilizing Plants

No matter what a farm grows, the farm needs to fertilize its plants if maximum production is desired. The most efficient way to fertilize a large field or orchard is via a fertilizer spreader.

A fertilizer spreader attaches onto a tractor, which can take the spreader across a field to spray fertilizer. The spreader ensures that the fertilizer is evenly distributed and gets distributed quickly.

The type of fertilizer spreader that a farm needs depends on what sort of fertilizer the farm uses. Broadcast spreaders are common spreaders for commercially produced fertilizers, while manure spreaders work well if a farm has a source of manure. Slurry spreaders are specialized manure spreaders that distribute liquified animal waste.

Trailer for Hauling Goods

Even if a farm doesn't have a specific purpose for a trailer, this piece of equipment comes in handy in many situations. From loading harvests to transporting feed, there are lots of uses for a trailer that attaches to a tractor. Even if a piece of machinery breaks down in a field, a trailer can be used to transport it back to the barn for repair.

For more information on farming equipment, reach out to a local supplier.