Safety Tips For Operating Professional Masonry Saws

If you are working with a professional masonry saw for the first time, then it's vital that you do so in a safe manner. While diamond-tipped saw blades won't cut your finger, they do pose many other hazards for their operators. To ensure you stay safe, follow each of these tips:

Always Wear Appropriate Eye Protection When Cutting Masonry

When you are cutting masonry products you need to always wear eye protection. Saw blades send a lot of material into the air and the last thing you want is for rock or tile dust to get into your eyes and scratch them. For the best results, wear safety goggles rather than safety glasses.

Always Wear a Respirator When Cutting Masonry 

When you cut masonry products and stones, dangerous dust particles will be put into the air. While cutting with water reduces the dust, the mist it produces also contains these same harmful particles.

Since it's vital to prevent inhalation of masonry dust, you must wear a respirator when you are cutting.

Operate Masonry Saws Well Away from Other People, Vehicles, and Glass Windows

When you are working with a masonry saw, the material you are cutting can always break off and get flung away by the spinning blade. When this happens, the broken piece will most often shoot out the back of the saw with a high velocity.

Since flying projectiles can seriously injure people or inflict damage on cars and buildings, you should always set up your saw well away from other people, vehicles, and windows.

Always Have a Drop Loop in Your Masonry Saw's Power Cord

When you are operating a masonry saw that utilizes water to lubricate and cool its diamond cutting blade, it's vital that you ensure that the power cord has a drop loop. The drop loop section gives any water that comes into contact with the power cord a safe place to drip where it won't contact the saw's electrical connection or the wall outlet.

Kill the Saw's Power Immediately if the Material You are Cutting Binds in the Saw

Finally, if the tile, brick, or other masonry product you are cutting gets bound up in the saw blade and the blade stops spinning, then you need to immediately kill the saw's power. If you don't do so quickly, this can burn out the saw's motor and necessitate an expensive repair.

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