3 Features To Look For In Metacarpal Impact Gloves

Hand injuries are one of the most common threats in an array of different industries. From broken or fractured fingers to cuts and abrasions on the hands, injuries to your hands can be pretty damaging to your ability to work, so protecting your hands is important. Metacarpal impact gloves are a good way to protect your hands. With their rigid build and resistance to sharp objects and heavy impact, the gloves really are a valuable safety investment, but not all impact gloves are the same. Here's a look at some of the features to look for in these gloves to ensure you get the best. 

Look for impact gloves that are not rigid. 

There is a big misassumption that impact gloves should be rigid if they are going to offer the highest level of protection. However, some of the more rigid gloves will actually not be the best option because they will make it hard for you to move your hands and fingers while you're wearing them. For example, some low-end impact glove designs have a solid chunk of rubber coating the back of the hand, which makes it practically impossible to bend your fingers as you normally would. 

Look for impact gloves that are made of breathable materials. 

If your hands get hot and sweaty while you work, the rest of your body will feel hotter as well. Make sure you look for impact gloves that have a breathable build so they can be worn in all seasons. Most impact gloves have a knitted makeup so they still allow at least a small amount of airflow through the material, especially around the palms and fingers. Even a small amount of airflow will help keep your hands cool and comfortable so you are not dealing with sweaty hands to keep them protected. 

Look for impact gloves that have been thoroughly tested and rated. 

Not every type of impact glove you find on the market will have gone through a testing and rating process. The best impact gloves will have testing results and ratings proudly displayed on the package so you know just what level of protection you are getting with your purchase. For example, some gloves are resistant to heat up to a certain degree, which is important to know if you will be using the gloves to perform certain actions like working with hot metal or handling heated tools. 

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