4 Signs You Need More Insulation

Insulation helps reduce your heating bill and cooling bill by reducing heat transfer through your floors, walls, and roof. However, it is not always easy to know if you have enough insulation. Often, you need to put insulation in place and then wait to see how your home reacts. If you notice any of the four following signs, then you need to add more insulation. 

1. Uneven Temperatures

Is one room in your house always very warm, while another room feels chilly? Uneven temperatures often indicate that heat is escaping somewhere. The area that gets cooler (in the winter months) is usually not as well insulated as it should be. Adding more insulation will keep your home's temperatures more even so you don't have to take off or put on extra clothing as you move from room to room.

2. Cold Walls

In the winter, your walls should not feel cold. If they do, this means that the cold is traveling straight through them rather than being stopped by the insulation. Similarly, in the summer, if you touch the interior wall of your home, it should feel cool and not overly warm. Condensation appearing on the walls could also indicate that they are not very well insulated.

3. Peeling Shingles

If your roof is relatively new, shingles that start peeling prematurely may indicate a lack of attic insulation. The insulation is meant to keep heat from traveling through the roof and escaping through the shingles. A lack of insulation means more heat will pass through the shingles. This slowly damages the asphalt material from which shingles are made, which causes them to peel. Upgrading your attic insulation will help protect your roof from further shingle deterioration.

4. Freezing Pipes

This really only applies in the winter months. If you notice that your pipes are freezing on the coldest days, it could be because there is not enough insulation in your walls. Your insulation contractor can add additional insulation. If this does not work, they may also need to separately insulate each pipe to protect if from the cold. Freezing pipes are more than an annoyance. The expanding ice can cause the pipe to crack and leak everywhere, causing extensive water damage.

If you think your home may need more insulation, get in touch with an insulation contractor at a company like Davis FL Builders Supply. They can evaluate the insulation you have and determine what areas need more insulation.