3 Features To Look For When Investing In A Double-Arm Mixer

Many of the industrial and manufacturing processes completed today require the mixing of two or more raw materials to create specialized compounds. These mixing processes must be completed thoroughly in order to prevent waste and irregularities in the consistency of the final compound.

Investing in a double-arm mixer can help increase the consistency and reliability of your mixing processes. Purchasing the double-arm mixer that embodies the right features is essential when attempting to streamline your production and manufacturing practices.

1. Versatile Inputs

Predicting where your company's manufacturing and processing activities will lead in the future can be challenging. You don't want to limit yourself by investing in equipment that will be incapable of handling a variety of inputs, and this is especially true when purchasing a double-arm mixer for your production facility.

Look for a mixer that is capable of handling both liquid and solid inputs to ensure you are able to accommodate any compounds that your company needs to mix as your business expands.

2. Dryer

In addition to being able to mix together two or more inputs, it can be helpful to have a double-arm mixer that provides you with the ability to start the finishing process before your mixed compounds are emptied out of the mixer itself.

Many of the compounds that are utilized by manufacturing companies must be dried out before they can undergo additional processing. As you look to invest in a new double-arm mixer for your facility, search for a model with a built-in dryer. This feature allows the mixer to serve double-duty as both a mixing machine and a drying machine, reducing overhead costs and streamlining your production.

3. Extruder

Forming mixed compounds into a specific shape is part of many industrial and manufacturing processes. If your company created formed items out of the compounds you mix, then purchasing a double-arm mixer equipped with an extruder can be extremely beneficial.

You can affix your desired extruding attachment to the mixer, and have your mixed compound released from the mixer itself in the proper shape. Adding a double-arm mixer that is complete with an extruder can significantly reduce manufacturing times, helping your company boost production numbers and become more profitable.

Investing in new equipment for your production facility is not a task that should be taken lightly. To ensure you are maximizing the amount of benefit your double-arm mixer can provide, look for a model that allows for multiple inputs, drying, and extrusion.