3 Tips To Combat Summer Weed Problems

The number 1 problem that every farmer must deal with during the summer months is weeds. If you do not control the problem from the start, the weeds will quickly take over crops and kill harvests, which is why it is important to use treatments to keep weeds at bay. Here are some tips to help farmers with treatments that are needed to combat weed infestations during the summer months:

Identifying weeds—The first step in combating weeds during the summer months is identifying the problem. In Australia, there are native plants, as well as invasive species that can cause a lot of problems with your crops. It is important to treat the weeds before they become a problem. In addition to identifying weeds, you also want to know your crops and the type of treatments to use with spray tanks for weed control during the earliest months of summer. You want to know the type of weeds that effect your area most to determine the best treatments to prevent them from becoming serious problems.

Spraying weeds—There are different times when you need to spray for weeds, which depend on many factors, such as the type of crops, the species of weeds and the month. First, you will want to spray for weeds with a treatment after sowing seed. Use a spray tank to spray over your fields to prevent weeds from going. During the summer months, there may also be some weeds that pop up and need to be treated with a spray tank. It is important to treat these problems with a spray tank during the summer months, which will ensure you do not damage crops before autumn harvests.

Water efficiency—In many areas of Australia, water is a precious recourse, and there are some guidelines that you will want to follow for water efficiency. Sprayers help to solve this problem by efficiently applying treatments. Efficient use of water will help ensure that plants get the water they need for healthy growth and the weeds die of thirst. Consider systems like weed and evaporation barriers that will help keep the weeds out and the water in. These systems can be used for residential flower beds, as well as with larger agricultural operations.

These are some of the different treatments and sprayers farmers need to combat weed problems during the summer months. Contact a fluid pump service to get the right equipment for your tractor and tanks to spray for weeds and apply fertilizers. For more information, visit websites like http://www.compressor-pump.com.