3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Aluminum Melting Crucible

How long your crucible that you use to melt aluminum in will last is largely determined by the foundry procedures that you use in your shop. Here are a few adjustments you can make to your foundry procedures that will help extend the use of your crucible. Extending the use of your crucibles will help cut down on equipment costs for your business. 

#1 Fill Up The Crucible With Metal

When you need to melt some metal, make sure that you fill the crucible up all the way with metal. When you only fill your crucible up part way with metal, your crucible will age at an accelerated rate.

Filling up your crucible part-way will cause the heat ratio to differ between the top and bottom parts of your crucible. This can cause your crucible to crack. Additionally, the top portion of your crucible is more likely to start the oxidation process when you frequently only fill the crucible up to the halfway point when you melt aluminum. 

When you need to melt metal, filling your crucible up all the way will slow down the oxidation process and prevent cracking. 

#2 Keep The Air/Fuel Mixture Balanced

Second, you need to make sure that you keep the air and fuel mixture balanced as you melt the metal. If you use too much oxygen in the fuel, you will get a deep green flame that will create an environment that is highly oxidized and will age your crucible. Oxidation is the main cause of crucible aging. 

The flame that you melt the metal with should only be slightly oxidized. The furnace should have a light green tip to the flame, not a dark green flame tip. Make sure that you take good care of your furnace and keep the air and fuel mixture at the right level for melting. 

#3 Purchase Crucibles With Special Glazes

Finally, when you do need to purchase a new crucible, be sure to purchase ones that use special glazes. There are special glazes that can be added to your crucible that can help prevent the onset of oxidation of your crucible for an extended period of time. These special glazes generally cost a little bit extra but can extend the life of your crucible and end up cutting down your overall supply costs throughout the year. 

Get more use out of your aluminum crucible by purchasing crucibles with special glazes that prevent the onside of oxidation, keep the air and fuel mixture in your furnace balanced to prevent the onset of oxidation, and make sure to fill your crucible up all the way when you melt metal. 

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