Hydraulic Machinery 101: 3 Safety Tips For Mechanical Flange Spreaders

A large part of owning and operating an industrial business is maintaining the equipment. Items, such as mechanical flange spreaders, are expensive. They are also incredibly complicated pieces of machinery, which can make for dangerous conditions if not properly maintained. If you own a business that uses mechanical flange spreaders regularly, make sure you follow these three tips to keep your machines and employees safe.

1. Train Everyone

Everyone in your company that works on the field (or on the machinery) should know how to use it properly. Ideally, you'll hire employees that are already certified to work with hydraulic machinery. However, if some your employees do not know how to operate the machinery safely, you'll need to train them.

By ensuring everyone knows how to use the machine, you'll reduce accidents. You'll also ensure that your machine stays safe, healthy, and operational. So while training may be expensive upfront, it can save you thousands down the road.

2. Inspect The Machinery Regularly

You should also take the time to inspect the mechanical flange spreader regularly. Thorough inspections will help you identify potential issues with the machine. This will make your business and work space safer. It will also make repairs a lot more affordable if you catch issues early.

When inspecting the machine, be sure to look at fluid levels. If you notice low fluid levels, be sure to re-fill them as necessary to keep the machine lubricated and working properly. In addition, make sure to inspect the actual mechanical components such as the cylinders. If you notice any issues, make a note of it and address it quickly.

3. Perform Maintenance

Finally, make sure you perform maintenance on the machine regularly. Be sure to replace fluids, check the hydraulic pressures, and monitor the pump. In addition, make sure you thoroughly clean the machine regularly. Check for oil or fluid buildup. If you notice any buildup, wipe it away. Finally, make sure you apply oils and lubricants as needed to keep the machine parts moving smoothly.

If you do not know how to do basic maintenance yourself, hire a third party company to do it for you. Regular maintenance helps to prevent expensive issues later on. This makes it a necessary expense.

While hydraulic machinery is expensive, you can extend its life. With regular maintenance and well-trained employees, your machinery will stay operational. These tips can help you complete your maintenance tasks, as well as increase the safety of your work space. For more information, contact companies like SMP Specialty Maintenance Products.